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“Art in Action” – Exhibition /”Arsenal” Gallery, Poznan, Poland/:
——The exhibition presents the young authors from “Art in Action Association”, working in the area of installation forms and performance art. Apart from the artworks of the main participants, a presentation from the Multimedia Centre of Arts “Interspace” is included in the frame of the exhibition, as well as video artworks from other authors who work with the association. The performances “Transformation” and “The Jump” are also shown live. The aim is the young Bulgarian art to be shown in as much wide perspective as possible.
——Participants: Dobrin Atanasov, Kalin Plugchiev, Lilyana Dvoryanova, Maya Zhalova, Orlin Dvoryanov

“Sea without Water” – International Youth Exchange /Berlin, Germany/
“In the End” – Exhibition /Centre of Contemporary Art “ATA”, Sofia, Bulgaria/

“2aaa” Project /1999 – 2000 – 2001/:
——“2aaa” (Two thousandths a) is a huge project which held during the period 1999 – 2001 by “Y Generation” group. Living on the edge of two millenniums, the members of the group use there unique chance to make there first professional steps in the very beginning of the new millennium.
——Main participants: Antonina Nedjalkova, Veselina Haralanova, Dobrin Atanasov, Efrosina Peneva, Ivan Rusev, Kalin Plugchiev, Luba Dimitrova, Maya Antova, Rosen Nikolov, Stela Inchovska
——Guests: Veselin Mitev, Venelin Shurelov, Daniel Nikov, Diana Boneva, Irina Vasileva, Lilyana Dvoryanova, Luben Kuleliev, Svetoslav Stanchev, Sevda Troeva
——In 2001 year the project includes:
A Running Discussion about Modern Art 2 /Sofia, Bulgaria/
“A Donation” – Exhibition and Action /”XXL” Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria/
“We don’t Want to” – Action /”Shipka” 6 Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria/
“The Corridor – a Point of View” – Exhibition /American University in Bulgaria, Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria/
“1/3” – Exhibition /Sofia City Art Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria/