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“For The Cells, The Books And The Roads” – Еxhibition installations – Orlin Dvorianov /Sofia University, Sofia, Bulgaria/
“Censored-Art Project” – Exhibition George Yamaliev /Credo Bonum Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria/
“Urban Europe” – International youth exchange /Dresden, Germany/
“Ice Wonders 2”– International youth exchange /Dresden, Germany/
BULGARIAN EDUCATION FESTIVAL – Action and workshop of Art in Action /Nacional Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria/

“CHECK WITH THE PAWN 4” – Performance festival /Community Center “A. Strashimirov” – Vlaikova cinema, Sofia, Bulgaria/

International evening of the performance “WASHING OF THE HANDS”, with authors from Bulgaria, Great Britain, Hungary, Scotland, /„Studio Projecting”, Sofia, Bulgaria/:
——Performance – Orlin Dvorianov, participating K. Milanova, live music – Travis Preston (Scotland) and Raya
——Video-performance – Nick MacArthur (Great Britain)
——Performance – Mate Rojich(Hungary) and Elitsa Spasova, live music – Travis Preston (Scotland)
——“Washing Of The Hands” – Marian Cenov, live multimedia – Ilina Konsulova and Bomb audiovisual instrument, live music – Daniel Nechev
——Performance – Maria Velasquez
——“Washing Of The Heart” – Monika Mihailova, live music – Tr. Preston (Scotland) – contrabass, multimedia – I. Konsulova
——“Scars Of Cowardice” – Yanko Andonov, autobiographical
——“I Can Too” – Maya Antova-Mayoto