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“Sacral Intertwining– Exhibition Antonia Duende /“Resonance“ gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria/

“Chronicle of the days”– Exhibition installations Orlin Dvorianov and paintings Bisera Valeva /“Alma Mater” gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria/

“Some like it analog” – Exhibition installations Dobrin Atanasov and Lyuben Kuleliev /“Alma Mater” gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria/

“Scenes from existing and non-existent stories” – Exhibition Lilyana Dvoryanova /gallery “Etud”, Sofia, Bulgaria/

“Water and Art” – Plainer, organized by the Red Cross /Red Cross building, Sozopol, Bulgaria/

Installations within the symposium on kinetic art, propelled by water “KEVIS” organized by “CIECA Alos” /Architectural ethnographic museum complex ETAR, Gabrovo, Bulgaria/

“Tree of Life. Genealogies of Bulgarian Contemporary Art”, installation by Art in Action Association, part of a group exhibition of contemporary Bulgarian art (Curators Ivan Mudov and Desislava Dimova). The exhibition is part of the project “Collection of Bulgarian avant-garde and contemporary art – Georges Pompidou Center, Paris”, which is implemented under the Sofia Program “Culture” by MUSIZ Foundation /One Night Stand Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria/

Installation Stella Inchovska and Orlin Dvorianov /Koningstein, Dresden, Germany/

“Inspirations and Interpretations”, group exhibition of 10 authors – Project of Art in Action Association, failed /American University in Bulgaria, Sofia/