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“Allegro piu non troppo-1” – Performance Orlin Dvorianov, Stella Inchovska and Maya Antova, in the frame of “BLAUVERSCHIEBUNG N-03” FESTIVAL / “CUBE” Gallery, Leipzig, Germany/
“Allegro piu non troppo-2” – Performance Orlin Dvorianov and Stella Inchovska /“Auslenderei”, Dresden, Germany/
“Allegro piu non troppo-3 – Performance Orlin Dvorianov and Stella Inchovska, in the frame of “INTERKULTURELLE TAGE” Festival /Dresden, Germany/
“Moderato” – Performance Orlin Dvorianov and Stella Inchovska, in the frame of “20 Years- “Offener Kunst e. V.” /Cultural Center “Kunst Werk” Potsdam, Germany/
“REAL ≠ VIRTUAL (data.portret) – Interactive installation – Georgi Yamaliev, in the frame of festival CON. TEMPO /Varna, Bulgaria/
“Naturally I`m Nature” – International exchange in the program “Youth In Action” /The Delta of the river Danube, Romania/
“New Visuals- Change-Preservation 1” – Project, acceptance of a volunteer Matte Rojich / Hungary/ for one year voluntary service with “Art In Action”/Sofia, Bulgaria/

Project „БРОД/BROD – curator Desislava Tsoneva- Chumma /Center For Culture and Debates “ The Red House”, Sofia, Bulgaria/:
——“Holly Temptations” – Exhibition Liuben Kuleliev
——“De-fine” – Exhibition Liliana Dvorianova
——Ambiguous Dimensions– Exhibition George Yamaliev
——“Somebody is passing through here” – Exhibition Dobrin Atanasov
——“The More – The more” – Performance Maya Antova- Mayoto
——“No Name” – Performance Maya Antova- Mayoto
——“Specifically and simultaneously” – Exhibition Orlin Dvorianov

“CHECK WITH THE PAWN” – Performance festival /community center “N. Haitov”, Sofia, Bulgaria/:
——“Chess moves of our own parody” – by Ivan Yamaliev with a group
——“Chess micro-social situations” – by Ivan Yamaliev with a group
——“Prelude” – by Orlin Dvorianov and Maya Antova
——“Bishop on B5” – by Orlin Dvolrianov with a group
——“13 Black And White Minutes” – by Ventsislava Stoyanova with a group
——“Some Things” – by Dobrin Atanasov with a group

Performances, in the framework of the festival „SHORT SEASON“ /Theatre Workshop „Sfumato“, Sofia, Bulgaria/:
——Protection and erasure of borders– Performance
——“Game Of The Rubber Band – outbursts of infantilism” – Performance Ivan Yamaliev and a group

“The more – the more” – International land art symposium with participants from Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, France /Devetaki village, Bulgaria/:
——“Reminiscences of old lines” – Interactive installation Ivan Yamaliev
——“Forest – dimensions” – Installation Orlin Dvorianov
——“OOoo” – Installation and performance liliana Dvorianova