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“Illusions, Prop, Labyrinths” – Exhibition installations Orlin Dvorianov /“Alma Mater” gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria/

“Actual Visuality” – Installation Ivan Yamaliev, in the frame of IMAGO MUNDI project with curator Claudio Skoreti


“Neurotic Sleep” – Installation Ivan Yamaliev, in the frame of art workshop /Gradec village, Bulgaria/


“Mechanisms of power” – Performance Orlin Dvorianov and Stella Inchovska in the frame of LUEGENMUSEUM Festival /Radebeul, Germany/


 “Traces of Time” – Performance and exhibition Orlin Dvorianov and Stella Inchovska /Dresden, Germany/


Installations Orlin Dvorianov, Stella Inchovska and Antonia Duende within art planer /Tryavna, Bulgaria/


Production of decorative mosaic in art center “Gruner Weg 3” /Dresden, Germany/


“My new utopia” – International exchange /Dresden, Germany/


International Seminar, organized by “Art in Action”, topic: “Personal and group experience when working on art projects in a multinational team” /Dresden, Germany/

Performances, in the framework of the festival “SHORT SEASON” /Theatre Workshop “Sfumato”, Sofia, Bulgaria/

“CHECK WITH THE PAWN 5” – Performance festival together with “SOFIA UNDERGROUND performance art festival 2014” /The fridge & Xaspel, Sofia, Bulgaria/


“Student Practices” – Project under the program “Student Practices” of the Ministry of Education, organized by “Art in Action” with the participation of students from Sofia University /Sofia, Vratsa, Sepremvri, Dupnitsa – Bulgaria/