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“25 Artists’ Art Alternatives – closing” – Happening at the close of a retrospective exhibition that marks the 25th anniversary of the Art in Action Association /Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Art, Sofia, Bulgaria/
Performance EVENING – 25 Artists’ Art Alternatives
– Performances, part of the project “25 Artists’ Art Alternatives” that marks the 25th anniversary of the Art in Action Association /”Vlaykova” cinema, Sofia, Bulgaria/
“25 Artists’ Art Alternatives”
– Exhibition that marks the 25th anniversary of the Art in Action Association, (include artworks of more than 30 authors working with “Art in Action” through the years) /Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Art, Sofia, Bulgaria/
“Musik in Klotzscher Gärten”
– Performance Orlin Dvorianov and Stella Inchovska /Dresden, Germany/
within the youth symposium on kinetic art, propelled by water “KEVIS” organized by “CIECA Alos” /Architectural ethnographic museum complex ETAR, Gabrovo, Bulgaria/
Participation of the authors of “Art in Action” at the annual exhibition “IDENITY” (participants: Orlin Dvorianov, Joanna Petkova, Nadya Asenova, Teodor Hristov) /Dupnitsa, Bulgaria/
“De-ter-mystical, unreadable code” – Performance Mariyan Tsenov in the framework of the festival “SHORT SEASON” (participating Monica Mihaylova, Desisava Stoyanova and Boyan Avramov) /Theatre Workshop “Sfumato”, Sofia, Bulgaria/
Video installation – Kalin Plugchiev – Chicken, in the framework of the WATER TOWER ART FESTIVAL /Sofia, Bulgaria/
“Postmodern travel in the virtual” – Performance Orlin Dvorianov and Maya Antova-Mayo, video montage – Ventsislava Stoyanova /Nis, Serbia/
“25 years “Art in Action” – is not enough” – Performance and exhibitions – celebrating the anniversary of the “Art in Action Association”. Desislava Tsoneva, Olga Yocheva, Stella Inchovska, Orlin Dvorianov, Elisaveta Vacheva /Dresden, Germany/
“Water and Art” – Plainer, organized by the Red Cross /Red Cross building, Sozopol, Bulgaria/
“CHECK WITH THE PAWN 6” 2015 – Performance festival together with “SOFIA UNDERGROUND performance art festival 2015” /Electrical control room of the National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria/:
——Performance – Orlin Dvoryanov, participating Maya Antova /projection maping live performance art – Ivo Dimitrov/
——“Loop” – Maya Antova – Mayo
——„@ffection“ – Georgi Yamaliev
——“Algorithm – requiring extreme” – Ivan Yamaliev
——“Polymorphism” – Mariyhttp://artinaction.eu/wp-admin/post.php?post=1984&action=editan Tsenov
——“Machine-action” – Adriana Ivanova and Radina Nikolova
——“Censored this” – Yuliya Lazarkova, participating Elisaveta Vacheva, Katerina Boyadjieva and Elena Nedyalkova
——“Women calculator” – Yanko Andonov
Installations and performances in the framework of the “AEON Festival” 2015 (participating: Ventsislava Stoyanova, Boyan Bahrin, Mariyan Tsenov, Yanko Andonov) / Underground gallery/studio, Sofia, Bulgaria/
“Meetings with the inexplicable” – Exhibition of photographs of Georges Roux /Sofia University “St. Klement Ohridksi”, Sofia, Bulgaria/