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“Stories from the Blue Screen” – Performance evening, young artists /gallery “Etud”, Sofia, Bulgaria/
The Collier Award’ (an artists’s recognition)awarding the Collier Award. Nominated: Orlin Dvorianov and Miroslav Yordanov /gallery “Etud”, Sofia, Bulgaria/
“39/9”, group exhibition of young authors, donation to the American University – Project of Art in Action Association /American University in Bulgaria, Sofia/
“The days pass I stay. 20 years tandem performance “OS” – Exhibition Orlin Dvorianov and Stella Inchovska /“Lesedra” gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria/
The premiere of the book “Art in Action Association. 25 years – cause and instrument of artistic strategies”/Sofia Arsenal – Museum for Contemporary Art, Sofia, Bulgaria/
“HOW it is more important than WHAT” – Performance Orlin Dvorianov, in the framework of the international festival of the performance “Europe between the dream and the reality” /Sinemorets, Bulgaria/

Performances, in the framework of the festival “SHORT SEASON 2017” /Theatre Workshop “Sfumato”, Sofia, Bulgaria/:
––“The third feature” – Julia Lazarkova, feat. Lyudmila Dzigarova
––“Intangible over-objectivity” – Adriana Ivanova and Radina Nikolova, Lyudmila Dzigarova

“Open Workshop Day” – Festival /Dresden, Germany/:
––“The Sound of Silence” – Exhibition Orlin Dvorianov and Stella Inchovska
––Performance Stella Inchovska
––Performance Orlin Dvorianov feat. Monika Horowitz (harp)

Performances in the framework of SOFIA UNDERGROUND performance art festival 2017 /Electrical control room of the National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgaria/:
––Deadline” – Georgi Yamaliev feat. Nino Gomez
––Memory=9,8m/s2″ – Ivan Yamaliev
––Count to 10″ – group performance, Art in Action Association

Project of Art in Action Association – Presenting young artists (students from Sofia University and NBU):
––“Light, Interference, Assignment” – Exhibition /gallery “Alma Mater”, Sofia University Rectorate, Sofia, Bulgaria/
––“In the beginning … darkness and light”– Exhibition /gallery of New Bulgarian University, Sofia, Bulgaria/

“Student Practices” – Project under the program “Student Practices” of the Ministry of Education, organized by Art in Action Association with the participation of students from Sofia University /Sofia, Pernik, Razlog – Bulgaria/
––“Without fear” – Exhibition /community center “15.09.1903”, Razlog, Bulgaria/
––“Elements. Structions. Destructions” – Exhibition /gallery “Krakra”, Pernik, Bulgaria/
––“Visible” – Exhibition /“Vlaykova” cinema, Sofia, Bulgaria/