1996 en

“They don’t Want to Talk…” – Performance, in the frame of EASTERN EUROPE ZONE Festival /Timisoara, Romania/
“Between the Earth and the Sky” – International Youth Exchange /Iznik, Turkey/
“Taboo – Sacrifice – Justice – Freedom” – International Youth Exchange /Reunie, France/
“All Interpretations are Legitimate” – Performance /Sofia, Bulgaria/
“Parallel between Seven Cultures 1996 – 1997” – Project, The project has been awarded at the National Youth Project Contest, 1996
“Directions” – Action /Varna, Bulgaria/
“Cosmogonies – Temples” – Project /Sofia, Reselec, Kovachevica, Bankya, Bulgaria/
“Cosmogonies – Temples” – Photo-performance, leader O. Dvoryanov, co-organizer Nia Pushkarova /Bankya, Bulgaria/